Growing up in the Midwest, Starling Black roamed the fields of the family farm where he often found perfectly formed arrowheads! This was a defining moment which launched a lifelong love for the mysterious and beautiful arts of the ancient Southwest cultures that created them. This passion found him living and working in Arizona where he was fortunate to work restoring authentic pre-historic pottery of the Anasazi, Salado, and Mimbres cultures. Starling now recreates these amazing pieces of art at his studio in the White Mountains where he finds inspiration from visiting several museums. Eventually Starling became interested in other ancient cultures from around the globe and is expanding his product line to include French, Greek, and Persian replicas.

Original artifacts are difficult to come by and if you are fortunate enough to find one for sale the price is often prohibitive. Replication pottery is a great alternative at a reasonable price. We make our pottery to appear as the authentic originals from the extinct cultures. If you love the rawness of ancient artifacts and have an appreciation for prehistoric fine art you will not be disappointed with our work.

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